Exaudi Family Business Consulting
Family Business Consulting


We guide family businesses and their wealth during the transfer processes and the sustainability of their legacy


About us

We are a consulting firm specialized in advising business families through their processes of professionalization, generational succession and legacy transmission. We also prepare the next generation to achieve the successful continuity of the business.


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18023 Fossilwood Dr, Cypress TX 77429 EE.UU.

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+1 346 225 2222


Our value


We understand each family as a unit, where each member influences its defining characteristics.


We are depositaries of the trust of our clients. We honor the confidentiality vote with care and professional spirit.


Our client is the family and its patrimony. We guide them and design tailored solutions.


We guide from the experience and understanding of family dynamics, connecting with our clients’ projects and expectations.

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The implementation of the professionalization processes in a family business is a challenge that we take with each and every one of its members, reflecting the results in agreements coherent with their projection of Shared Future
— Guillermo Salazar

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